Repair replace main sewer water line

  • Do you have a sewer back up?
  • Are you experiencing recurring problems with your main sewer line?
  • Have you considered hydro-jetting?
  • Do you want to speak with a knowledgeable & truthful plumbing advisor?
  • Looking for a sewer project or clean-out installation estimate?

Sewer Repairs

Whether your sewer line has: collapsed, root intrusion, a sheared break, soft clog, or a bellied or back pitched section; J&S Plumbing offers a full range of solutions to handle each case and restore service quickly. We have strong relationships with many village building departments across the six county Chicago metro area. You benefit from our extensive history and proven ability to procure job permits, obtain bonds, and schedule inspections. We are also well prepared to communicate with insurance companies, and have decades of experience diagnosing and solving any sewer line problem. You can be sure that your job will be completed in a thorough, professional, timely, and high quality manner. J&S Plumbing has over twenty years of sewer repair/replacement success to put your mind at ease and we offer 5 and 10 year warranties on all sewer repair work.

Clean-out Installation

Instead of replacing your main sewer line, the best solution for maintaining an older or problematic main sewer line is to install a clean-out access for economical and expedient service. J&S Plumbing has performed thousands of clean-out installations and can respond to your needs within 24-hours or the same day in most cases. Call J&S Plumbing and put the power of seasoned professionals to work for you now!

Sewer Replacement

If you need a new sewer line, depend on J&S Plumbing to give you a no obligation free estimate. With thousands of repairs and installations to date, rest assured that our professionals are bringing proven performance and the best possible results. Call us first when facing these tough decisions and let our years of experience put you at ease.

Fiber Optic Camera Inspection

Bring the problem into view with our video monitoring service. J&S Plumbing offers advanced diagnostic technology to show you what is actually happening underground, inside your pipes. You can see for yourself as the eye of our camera reveals just what the problem is.

  • DVD/VHS copy of work & detailed reports for your records
  • 5 or 10 year warranties on sewer repairs
  • Experts in root removal
  • Cutting-edge technology & equipment
  • Minimal damage to expensive driveways & landscaping
  • J&S Supervisor makes final inspection before you pay
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Rapid completion time to restore service
  • Job sites are secured while in progress and left clean when completed
  • Insurance company specialists to guide you through the process

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