Outside faucet repair garden hose bibbCall J&S Plumbing to fix or replace your leaking outside faucet. We stock frost-proof outdoor faucets, otherwise known as the: hose bibb (bib), spigot, or sill cock; and many other copper fittings and pipe so we can fix your garden hose connections and other outdoor plumbing repairs done fast!

The cold weather months in the Chicago-land area cause outdoor plumbing fixtures to freeze. If these outside faucet fixtures are not properly installed or are not frost proof you may experience a flood inside your home’s crawlspace or basement. The first step towards preventing a flood or leak is to have frost-proof sill cocks (outdoor hose faucets) installed and reduce the risk of breakage due to freezing.
Replacing ordinary hose bibs (outdoor faucets) will prevent water from remaining inside these fixtures which could freeze and cause the pipe to rupture.
Avoid flood damage by making sure your outside faucets are up to date.

Call the experts at J&S Plumbing to rescue your outside faucet and give you peace of mind today.
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