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Ejector & Sump Pump Service

sump pump ejector pump repairJ&S Plumbing is your sump pump, ejector pump, and battery back-up pump system expert. When the primary pumps fail, flooding is usually the first symptom. In the case of a power failure, pump pits may overflow and flood the surrounding area without a back-up system.

Your sump pump or ejector pump sits inside a pit in your basement, crawl space, or lowest level of your home. Water from the pump pit is pumped outside if it’s a sump pump or into your sewer line if it’s an ejector pump pit. If your pump is not working properly or has failed it is only a matter of time before flooding occurs.

If you’re under water because of a pump failure, call J&S Plumbing to help get you back to normal again. We repair or replace all sump and ejector pump brands. Ask about our emergency battery back-up sump pump systems. We install professional quality battery back-up pump systems.

We also have emergency generators and temporary pumps to evacuate large amounts of water in severe flooding situations caused by power outages.
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